Polyethylene Bags

Polyethylene bags are not your typical shopping bags you get at the grocery store. Poly bags are one of the most versatile and economical solutions for packaging all different types of loose product. Reclosable bags are used for food and candy products and industrial packaging. These plastic bags can be used over and over again for various applications and merchandise.  The most popular polyethylene bags are small plastic bags and are manufactured with different closing methods. Some type poly bags are closed and finished with an impulse sealer, while some use twist ties. A very common way to close a reusable poly bag is with a slider known as zip lock bags. Ziplock bags are also called reusable bags. Polyethylene bags are stocked in hundreds of sizes and mil thicknesses and typically ship same day from one of our 5 warehouse locations across the USA. Many customers require printing on clear poly bags which enhances their branding and name recognition of their product.


Polyethylene Bags by Size

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