Getting the Right Box Size

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Have you ever received a package and when you open it the product inside was about a fifth the size of the box. Thirty percent to fifty percent of the worlds shipping volume is air and void space, which is usually taken up with some type of loose fill, bubble wrap or packaging peanuts.  Not only does shipping merchandise and products in an oversize box increase the opportunity for damage but material costs increase, UPS and FEDX charge more for larger dimensional cartons and handling costs spike. Studies show that when you use a carton that fits each product perfectly, in most cases loose fill and inner pack are not necessary. It also reduces waste and increases consumer and customer satisfaction for the end user because they are not burdened with disposing as much waste.  So next time you prepare a shipment do yourself and others a favor by selecting a box or container that fits the product you’re sending as perfectly as possible. provides a custom size box service that is unmatched in the industry. Not only do we make it easy to purchase and design the exact size box you need we don’t charge you extra for tooling, setup or design fees. Customize the box you need, its as easy as clicking “Purchase Custom Boxes”