Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord Boxes are referred to as “Gaylords” after the name of the person who first began manufacturing these large boxes. Most of the time when a reference is made about a gaylord box the person is referring to a pallet box or a very large bulk box. Bulk bin storage boxes are used for granular material in the plastics industry, agricultural industry and food industry. Liquid and granular commodities are commonly stored in Gaylord boxes. We stock four different type Gaylord boxes that differ in grade and specifications. Used Gaylord Boxes are usually palletized 20 to 25 boxes per skid and are not always readily available. Availability fluctuates from day to day. ships both new and used boxes from several points across the USA. Boxes come in single wall, double wall, triple wall, 4ply and 5ply thickness.