How to Measure a Box

How to Measure a box

Box Measurement

Box Dimensions


measure-a-box-150x150Regularly Slotted Container (RSC)

Without exception, the size of a corrugated cardboard box is always expressed by three dimensions: Length, then Width, then Depth. (L x W x D) (Most of the time Length is the longest dimension or side of the box)  These measurements refer to the inside dimensions of an assembled box, to assure the exact fit for your product.
At the same time, when palletized boxes are organized for shipping, the outside dimension of the box is taken into consideration.  Both stock boxes and custom size boxes can be sourced easily and conveniently.  If we don’t have the exact size corrugated “stock box” in our inventory go to the “corrugated boxes custom size” link on the home page and input the dimensions of the box you are looking for.

Custom corrugated boxes for shipping are subject to a variance of 1/16″ to 1/8″ when produced on certain corrugated converting machines. Generally this applies for small order runs in quantities of 1,000 or less.

Refer to the diagrams to make sure sizes and allowances for your packages are correct.


box-5pfFive Panel Folder


End Loaded Long Boxend-load-image-150x150

RSC Box blank shows parameters and measurements.

Custom box designs and die cuts, scores and slotting measurements are determined by following the diagram of an RSC box drawing.  The “score to score” to your left is the width of the box, the “score to score” to your right is the height of the box. The length of the box is figured by measuring one of the large panels from left to right or vice versa.



Measure the length and width of the pad. Corrugation runs along the length measurement. Pads may be scored.
Standard boxes usually use a C flute, which indicates the depth of the pad.

A Flute  =  3/16″

C Flute  =  5/32″

B Flute  =   1/8″

E Flute  =  1/16″


Box partitions are used to separate various products from incurring damage during shipment. Candle companies and moving companies commonly use boxes with partitions to separate and protect dishes, drinking glasses and other goods from becoming damaged. When measuring a partition that nests inside a box, first measure the inside dimensions of the box, length and width, then the number of cells, rows and columns, and the desired depth of the partition. Dividers can be made from Chipboard and Corrugated.