Poly Tubing

Poly Tubing is extruded polyethylene that is wound into rolls. Used for ease of packaging and loading bags that can be sealed and cut to exact length of product being packaged. Poly Tubing is an excellent choice for companies that have a variance in product sizes. For example, a company that makes car bumpers may need for the short term a poly bag solution of 500 bags. To customize a bag that is 75″ long with a girth of 15″ in a quantity of 500 will be too expensive because of required minimums. The next best solution is to purchase poly tubing that has been run and extruded in several different widths and Mil thicknesses. This allows the company that is in need of a quick inexpensive packaging solution to select from the shelf several widths and choices of mil thicknesses. Thus not having to outlay tooling costs and invest in square footage minimums that may become obsolete down the road. Poly Tubing comes in 5 or 6 different Mil thicknesses and gauges.