Moving Box Kits

Moving box kits are configured to help you save money and time. offers five different moving box kits that provide a mix of different sizes and styles. Whether you are moving your home or office any one of these choices should provide you with an economical choice. Moving Box Kits make for a convenient way to plan your move. These kits are optimized with the right number of boxes depending on the size of your move.

It is important to take into consideration a good mix of moving box sizes when considering your move. Large moving boxes can sometimes be too large to carry and handle. All of the moving box kits configured here are the optimal size packing boxes for handling and carrying. It is important to pack your largest lightest items in the large boxes. Keep packing boxes under 30 to 35 pounds so you’re not tripping over yourself when carrying them from the home to the truck. It’s a good idea to number and label each of the corrugated boxes for unpacking purposes. A good quality carton sealing tape with dispenser makes for easy sealing and securing each one of the boxes for transport. Corrugated boxes are easily erected and can be setup in just a few seconds with a good quality 3M tape. It’s important to choose at least a 2” width box sealing tape. This makes for excellent adhesion for spanning the center seam of the box on the bottom flaps, and gives the box a strong seal for heavy loads. The last thing you want is your dishes breaking through the bottom of the dish box.