Insulated Shipping Boxes

Insulated shipping boxes or temperature controlled packaging is made from EPS foam and ideal for shipping products without compromising freshness. Products that require temperature restraints can be shipped in these insulated shipping boxes and arrive to their destination without spoilage providing they are thermally contained against fluctuations in temperature.
These insulated shipping containers are a dependable packaging solution for keeping foods or pharmaceuticals in the correct temperature range during the shipping process. Cooling packs, gel packs, ice-brix™ all keep perishables in the proper temperature range for extended shipping times. Gel refrigerant packs can be purchased in bio-degradable form to help protect the environment.

Purchased as a kit which includes a corrugated shipping box, this light-weight Insulated boxes can be recycled or reused. Corrugated cartons are printed with, warning labels: “This Side Up” – “Perishable” – “Rush”. Each kit comes with Styrofoam container and lid with corrugated shipping box.

Available in over 25 different sizes ships in either pallet quantities or singular piece orders. Boxes ship assembled and come in skid lots or individually. All listed dimensions are inside dimensions.