TripleWall Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Triplewall Cardboard Sheets

Triplewall Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Ideal for heavy duty palletized shipments. Available in all grades and flute combinations.We Cut and Trim Tri-Wall sheets to custom sizes. Call for quotation in the size required.
  • Manufactured from 1100# & 90ECT T.W.
  • Heavy Duty Strength
  • Eliminates damage
  • Stock Sizes shown below



TripleWall Corrugated cardboard Sheets can be manufactured in many different liner-board and flute combinations.

  • Singlewall Flute Combinations: A Flute, B Flute, C Flute and Doublewall Flute Combinations, as well as Jumbo Flutes available.
  • Paper Grades in a variety of different combinations. Colored Liners, Foil laminated liners, Kemilite, Mottled White, Mullen and ECT. Printers select along with regular and heavyweight  mediums.
  • Coatings for abrasion and with water resistant properties. Nomar 70, Red X 300, Clear X 300, MichemCoat 40 E/H 50 A/H
  • Adhesives, WRA and WPA
  • Other services and Capabilities include:
    • Multiple Depth Scoring
    • Multiple Scoring Profiles
    • Perf Scores
    • Pre-Print Cut-to-Mark
    • Reverse Scoring
    • Scarified Scoring
    • Tear Tape
    • Teletwin Scoring
  • Testing Services available:
    • Edge Crush
    • Mullen
    • Pin Adhesion
    • Puncture Test