White Corrugated Boxes

White Corrugated boxes are made from naturally kraft brown liners and go through a bleaching process. Converting the kraft liners to white boxes requires a bleaching process which gives the box a mottled white appearance. The market demands mostly kraft boxes, but many customers feel white boxes enhance the printability and appearance of the package. There are different shades of white boxes, namely mottled white corrugated which they are referred to on the east coast. White #3 or White #1 seems to be the name derived on the west coast and refer to different grade white boxes. The brightness can differ due to the concentration of the bleaching process and if the fibers are virgin or recycled. Most commonly a white corrugated box is usually only white on one side; however there are some applications when the customer demands both the inside and the outside of the box be white. Packagewarehouse.com stocks over 30 different sizes of white boxes. If you can’t find your size, call or send us an email. We will be glad to forward a quotation.