Custom Boxes with Logos


Custom Boxes


Custom Boxes with logos can be run in a myriad of ways. Packaging is always a necessary evil associated with any product development project. Unfortunately it never takes priority until the last step in the process for many companies. A custom made box with a logo can enhance branding and lend a certain appeal to any product line if designed correctly. In many cases the package is the only source of product information for the potential buyer. Package design for custom boxes is an important step when it comes to product development. With lithographic printing methods, corrugated boxes can be laminated with beautiful 4 color graphics without image distortion.

On the other hand corrugated fiberboard is not an ideal substrate for printing high quality print. However with Litho-laminated labels a box can be brought to life with any design or image. Direct print on corrugated fiberboard is a less expensive method for companies that just require a printed name and address on the box with a 1 or 2 color logo. Custom boxes with logos and product branding increase buyer awareness and company brands. Poly and metal plates called print-dies can be used on a drum or flatbed press.  The print-plates attach to the box making machinery either on a drum or a flatbed press which allows for the sheets to be printed inline as the boxes are being cut. To learn more about custom printed  boxes go to:  CUSTOM BOXES with PRINT




Custom printed boxes

Custom Printed Boxes



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