ASTM-D5118 Boxes

ASTM-D5118 Boxes is a standardization for fabricating corrugated fiberboard boxes, and containers. The methods and practices include instruction for constructing corrugated boxes for the use of shipping products and components. This standard includes making boxes that will be suitable for handling packages of all different sizes and shapes both manually and mechanically. ASTM-D5118 lays out specifications which include specific detail on corrugated material grades, adhesive requirements, joint tab widths etc.. These fabrication practices increase and enhance the protection properties of the package against environmental conditions during shipping and storage.  Some products and commodities require more or less protection during the shipping process. Products that are shipped internationally need to be protected from high levels of humidity while on the water. Humidity softens corrugated boxes and packages unless the fabrication of the fiberboard is treated with specific chemicals that resist and repel moisture. Domestic shipments and packages that are shipped locally may not require any type of water resistant chemicals used in the adhesion process or on the liners but still might require mil-spec standards. Containers that contain explosives must comply with D.O.T regulations for the transport of Hazardous Materials.

V3C Boxes type CF WR is a military specification which includes ASTM-D4727 standards for weather resistant grades of material and sheet stock. Government contractors and Military procurement contracts require mil-spec packaging for their product and commodity shipments. The US Government put these corrugated packaging specifications in place years ago. In some instances the corrugated boxes which the government requires shipment of certain products seems to be an overkill.  Many commodities that are manufactured for government contracts could be shipped in standard domestic corrugated boxes that do not meet the V3C box specs. With high probability these products would most likely arrive undamaged without any incidents. Nevertheless government policies and methods have never been proven to be lean and efficient. It’s not to say that V3C boxes should not be robustly fabricated for certain applications and product shipments. When shipping products it is always better to be safe than sorry and error on the end of the spectrum that ensures absolute safe shipping methods.


V11C Spec Boxes

ASTM_D5118 Boxes

V3C Boxes, Mil Spec Packaging




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